Filicudi is an italian island part of the Aeolian Archipelago, situated in the mediterranean sea just north of Sicily. Filicudi is the fifth biggest island and the second western island of the archipelago, situated 24 nautical miles west of Lipari. The island is dominated by Mount Fossa Felci, a 774m extinct volcano, one of the seven volcanoes that formed the archipelago, now off for ages. In ancient times the island was known as Phoenicusa, named by the Ancient Greeks, it means “Rich in ferns”, a plant that still populates promontories all over the island.

Handy Numbers

SEA LANDING COORDINATES: 38°33′,47 N 14°33′,95 E LINK NAUTICAL CHARTS MEDICAL CARE: +39 090 9889 961 CAMPO BOE: La Boa +39 340 764 7999 CAMPO BOE – DIVING I DELFINI: +39 340 148 4645 CARABINIERI (POLICE) : +39 090 9889 942 FERRY / Aliscafo: Liberty Lines FERRY / Aliscafo: Ustica Ferries PRIVATE taxi-bus service to La Sirena: Franca: +39 347 757 5916 PRIVATE taxi-bus service to Il Lido: Alessio: +39 340 198 4307 – Giuli: +39 347 674 0003 (included in rental service)

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